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"Agenda 21" Disguised as REAP Survive         Commission's Vote

March 5,2013

On a 3-2 vote, with Commissioners' Palmer and Myers voting against, the Butler County Commission voted in favor of funding and making REAP part of their future agenda and boss.  Even though the majority of Buter County residents are against the implementation of REAP, the 3 Commissioners more or less said "To heck with you."  The three commissioners, Wheeler, Woydziak, and Masterson voted in favor to fund REAP and pay the $5500.00 with our money.  Anybody that has researched just a little bit knows that REAP is an extension of "Agenda 21" which is a UN funded organization that will crush America with the outrageous regulations created to align our country with the rest of the world, including third world countries.  We will be brought down from the standard of country as we know to third world status.  And guess what?  Along the way in degrading our own country, we will be paying the bill!  Makes a lot of sense doesn't it?

As you examine Agenda 21 you will find when they talk about "Social Justice" they refer to "Sustainable Development" which is more or less the logo for REAP.  I don't want you to take my word for speaking about the faults of REAP, but you need to research the source of REAP yourself,  which is "Agenda 21."   You can find lots of information on the subject if you google and research.   This is a good link to start with which will give you a good idea what this is all about.  Agenda 21

This is what happens when the public is not informed or interested in local government.  The people you elect are on their own and begin doing things the way they decide.  That's the biggest problem with our country today and needs to be corrected by the people.  

It will be "Agenda 21" that will finish off our country's refineries and coal plants.  EPA has already made it almost impossible for our remaining refineries by reducing the sulfur content to 10PPM in unleaded gasoline.  Sixty-six refineries have closed in the past twenty years, six within the past two years.  Most of the remaining refineries are paying non-compliance fees which have combined to a total of 10 billion dollars in the past couple of years.  It's cheaper for them to pay these fees than construct the necessary units for lower sulfur content. And we wonder why gasoline is so expensive?

Butler County has one of a few remaining refineries in the State of Kansas, and we had 3 commissioners vote to eventually destroy it.  That's hard for me to understand and accept!  Folks...we had better wake up and stop this nonsense before it's too late!  It may be already too late.

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August 2011

El Dorado School board members, USD 409 unanimously approved the budget, which set the mill levy at 60.439, an 8.996 increase over last year. The district had told voters there would be no more than a 9 mill increase with the new schools. The budget is $54,985,227.  (Thanks for keeping it under 9 mill)

Did you know?  Butler County has the largest property tax increase percentage than any county in Kansas since 1997.  172.3% increase vs. state average increase of 93% since 1997

Did you know?  Butler County's unemployment rate is at 7.8% vs. state average of 6.3%

Did you know?  A 5.6% expenditures increase budget for 2011 was approved by the County Commission, instead of a reduction.  Approved by a vote of 4:1.

Two Commissioners voted against 2012 budget even though mill levy remained flat.  Read why! 

During these years of property tax increases, Butler County's population has increased 6.4%. Our mil level has increased 18.4% compared to 15.4% state wide. Population increase state wide has increased 8.3%


Augusta School District USD 402 to increase tax burden on citizens of Augusta because they have lost some State Funding for kypers and increase in bond and interest funds.  That means that the school district should be cutting their expenses and budget INSTEAD OF INCREASING! Read their lame explanation!    STOP THE SPENDING NOW!

Read this editorial and you will realize why we need the Tea Party.  (only hope left?)

For all information concerning expenditures for school districts and counties visit Kansas Open Gov.com

Butler County Website for complete info about Butler County

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